Too late to drink coffee?

Too late to drink coffee?

How did it get to be 6pm?  I went for a run this morning, took a nap (granted, it was 2 hours long), and wandered to a cafe where I checked some emails, read an article on Facebook… and suddenly it’s 6pm.

Daily life in Lisbon seems to be flying by.  The clock is deceiving, though.  6pm is kind of like 1pm back home.  Dinner time is closer to 9pm and it’s not unusual to go out for a walk around 11pm or even midnight.  A lot of us have been staying out until 4, 5, 6am on any given night.

So 6pm sounds like the end of the day, but it’s really mid-day here.  And the morning run I went on wound up being 5 miles, intersected by a train ride, and then a meandering through a large palace in Queluz- funny enough, called the Large Palace of Queluz- (residing on 37 acres of grounds which I felt we covered a lot of).  The ‘run’ lasted about 5 hours, so maybe I did accomplish something today…

The cafe I found (once I woke out of my slumber, horrified at my indulgence in a 2 hour afternoon nap, sun high in the bright blue sky) is tucked away in a triangle square in Graca.  The square is spotted with outside cafes who serve thimbles of espresso and expect you to take residence at a table for hours.  No one’s in a rush here.

It’s 6pm, but we’re a long ways from day’s end.  I could get used to this.