Today I was lucky enough to make a solo bike trip happen to Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point in all of Europe.  I had been waiting for others to pick a day, a tour, make a plan, go as a group- this could be dangerous… you know the drill.  But sometimes, you just need to do it.  As Captain Stillman in Stripes said: “Coordinates, what coordinates?  If you’re going to do something, you need to just do it.  Now fire that weapon!”  And if I was going to do something solo, I preferred to do it on the cheap.  28 Euro for the bike (which I actually had for 2 days), 4 Euro for a train the first leg of the journey since the bike trails are intermittent between Belem and Cascais, and I splurged on a 3.60 sandwich, dessert and iced tea at the top.  Overall, it was a 35 Euro day for an epic adventure.

Check out some photos of the journey below… My fold-up Brompton bike on the train to Cascais, the road along the coast, riding to the top of Cabo da Roca on a narrow shoulder, the 500′ cliffs overlooking the ocean, one camera-shy pig… and a healthy lunch of a croissant (ham and cheese) and a Nata (custard) pie: butter, pastry dough, and more butter.  What could be better than that?  Guincho Beach was the highlight at the end- I fell asleep on the shore watching 21 kite surfers racing back and forth, weaving in and out of wind and wave surfers- an energy filled spot below the cliffs that lead to Roca.