A Cafe culture has taken over beer-swilling Prague.  While Czechs still drink more beer per capita than any other nation (on average, 143 liters per year for every citizen including infants and grandmothers), high octane caffeine is planting some serious roots.  5 years ago, it may have been difficult to find a good Cup of Joe in Prague.  Today, you can try your hand at ‘pulling’ your own espresso and then pay for it in Bitcoin (Bitcoin Coffee).  You can go subterranean under a historic building with Kavárna Pražírna where they both roast and brew their own coffees from around the world and you can get comfy in a vintage lazy boy chair.  You can hang out with cats and pay by the hour as you drink unlimited cappuccinos and tap into bar snacks at the Russian-owned cat cafe called Social Point.  Or how about being served by superheroes in Guy Fawkes masks at Anonymous Coffee?  Then again, if you’re anything like me, you may just want to lay low in a neighborhood cafe off the beaten path where you can get inspired by a simple cup of coffee as you type away on your laptop.
Great atmosphere: Zizkaverna in the Zizkov district has vaulted ceilings and large factory windows.  It reminds me of the cafes I used to love in Tribeca, NYC.  Run by friendly staff, it’s a place you want to keep coming back to.  Their simple Americano was one of the best I’d had in a long time, and I still dream of the slice of Pecan Pie I treated myself to while working one afternoon in this sunlit enclave.  Offbeat, but near the Zizkov TV (baby) Tower, this is a must if you’re in the neighborhood.
****4 stars: excellent coffee, simple decor, friendly staff, neighborhood jaunt, breakfast food options and delicious cakes, but no lunch
For the view:  Terasa U Prince‘s, well, terrace is another must if you’re in Old Town on a sunny day and wish to take in the view of the City of Spires.  Peer onto the hoards of crowds below waiting to get into the Old Town Tower, order a Hot Chocolate with a nice dose of whipped cream (though they do have a full coffee menu) and thank the stars you didn’t have to wait in that line below.
*****5 out of 5 for the view, 5 out of 5 for a darn good Hot Chocolate
*Tips for cafes found on The Great Coffee Tour and Taste of Prague blogs.