Photos from morning runs:

I always had a gym membership back at home in New York City and would mix up classes (spin, yoga, boot camp) with a day or two of running each week.  Living abroad and constantly on the move, I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to run.   I run straight out the front door in the mornings just to get the blood flowing.  My typical 3-miler twice a week back at home has turned into 4-9 miles 7 days a week while I listen to podcasts or Audio Books.  It’s my one constant, my alone time, my indulgent listening to a guest interview on the Tim Ferriss Show or getting through an Elizabeth Gilbert best seller.

People have asked me to post where I’ve been running and my favorite spots.  Below are my top favorites…

Lisbon, Tel Aviv and currently Sofia are all true walking cities, but Lisbon isn’t everyone’s favorite running city due to the hills.  I personally got into running the hills, but it takes some build up, short strides, and a slower pace.

Each city comes with its unique attribute, like hills in Lisbon, a boardwalk on the beach in Tel Aviv, and large parks with wooded areas in Sofia.  There may be better running spots than what has been available to me outside my front door… but here are some paths I’ve enjoyed (starting with the most recent):

Sofia, Bulgaria: Park Borisova Gradina (4.54mi):

Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel Aviv, Israel… Boardwalk run to Jaffa (8.23mi):

Tel Aviv

Paphos, Cyprus:

-Paphos Mountain Run… up to Monastery (9.64mi):

Paphos Monastery Run

-Paphos Airport Run… 1 way to pick up rental car (8.21mi)

Paphos, Cyprus Airport Run

Amsterdam, Netherlands… park loop (5.69mi):

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tarifa, Spain… beach run (8.43mi):

Tarifa, Spain

Tangier, Morocco… Medina and Kasbah run (4.72mi):

Tangier, Morocco

Chefchauen, Morocco… residential mountain run (4.17mi):


Rabat, Morocco… city, highway, park run (7.69mi):

Rabat, Morocco

Lisbon, Portugal… city to mountainous trail run (6.95mi):

Lisbon, Portugal