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A Padaria Portuguese: a chain, but a wonderfully healthy restaurant!

A Padaria Portuguesa

I have to admit that when I pointed out A Padaria Portuguese to a friend as we walked by (looking for a quick lunch spot before hopping a train to Belem), I hadn’t realized what a gem it was.  On further inspection, they had salads! (Not easy to come by in Lisbon.)  And gourmet sandwiches.  And hamburgers that looked really healthy.  And the prices were noticeably less than most places I had been in Lisbon- this was possibly the cheapest I had seen yet.  We carefully walked in, amazed at our luck, grabbed a number (like you would at the deli counter), and proceeded to take in the beautiful pastries, salads, baguette sandwiches and an overall colorful assortment of food in the ordering area.  We both got salads with salmon (absolutely delightful, healthy, and a perfect size) and a dessert (I got a black and white rectangular pastry and Lorien got a slice of apple pie)… and my meal was just under 6 Euro.  I was only able to eat about half of my pastry (saved the rest for later)- that on its own was 1 Euro.  Amazing!

Padaria Portuguesa is actually a bakery chain with over 40 spots throughout the Lisbon area (we spotted one in Belem later that day).  I really think it’s the  best value and the best food I’ve had so far in Lisbon… I live for fresh, crunchy vegetables, and this place had multiple options, was spotless, and had a tremendous array of beautiful desserts, along with options for larger or smaller breakfast/lunch/snacks… and at an incredible value.

You can’t go wrong with stopping in here… and luckily, you shouldn’t have to go far out of your way to find one.


A Padaria Portuguesa

A Padaria Portuguesa in Rossio Square